Plans that scale with your growth

Everything you need to deploy your webhook integrations in production responsibly

Free Plan

/1 000 000 events
per month
3 Days Retention
1 User
No Minimum Charge
Free Forever
Unlimited Webhook Connections
Custom Ruleset
Unlimited Alerts
Event Filters

Basic Plan

/1 000 000 event
per month
7 Days Retention
Up To 5 Users
$3 Minimum Charge
Features from Free Plan

Standard Plan

/1 000 000 events
per month
30 Days Retention
Up To 25 Users
$25 Minimum Charge
Basic Plan Plus
Bulk Retry

Custom Plan

Build your plan
5 000 000+ events per day
Contact us for a customized solution
Pricing FAQ
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Is there a trial period?

Yes, we offer a 30 day trial. New accounts enjoys all the features of a Standard Plan for free.

Is a credit card required for the free trial?

No. You can sign up for an account without a credit card.

What happens after my trial?

Your account switches to our free plan and your stored webhook over 3 days will be deleted.

What if I switch my plan in the middle of the month?

You will be billed for your pro-rated usage up to the end of the the previous day UTC. The billing period for your new plan starts from the beginning of the current day UTC.

How granular is your billing rate?

We will bill you down to the single event (rounded down), so 1 427 021 webhook events on our Basic Plan ($3/ 1 000 000 events) is $4.28 for the month.

What does retention mean?

Retention refers to the number of days we store your webhook events data.

Where can I find how much webhook events I’ve received?

You can find your number of webhook events on the bottom left in the dashboard.

What if I exceed my volume limit?

We only charge you for what you use. We don’t have data caps or volume limits.

What if I exceed my user limit?

Contact us, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

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