Who we are

We are rethinking the future of asynchronous events data communication between systems. Starting with delivering an experience every developer can love when dealing with webhooks.

The Team

Alexandre Bouchard


Eric Bang-Tri Tran


Shawn Parent

Founding Engineer

Francois Arbour

Partner & Investor

Maurice Kherlakian

Technical Advisor
Our Story

We built Hookdeck after spending a lot of time dealing with missing mission critical webhooks from Shopify, Stripe and Intercom. Stripe had awesome tools that you could rely on but we couldn’t find them anywhere else. We realized tooling is only one part of the equation, we want to provide devs with a complete webhook infrastructure.

Our mission is to empower tech teams to build the exciting pieces of their products by providing reliable and simple-to-use solutions.

Alex & Eric,

Our values

Hookdeck is a distributed company that doesn't compromise on work-life balance.  We strongly believe that growth and fulfillment come in all spheres of life. Our fully async workflows and our values reflects and encourages that.
Celebrating the similarities and differences that define us. Making sure everyone feels heard, understood, trusted, and vulnerable.
We value time to consider implications, other people's thoughts, emotions, lifestyle. From the features we release to our interactions, what is the impact and how can we improve it?
Being open-minded and having a thirst for understanding. We encourage exploring free thoughts and discussing unconventional ideas. We strongly believe that self-development starts by being mindful of our current skills and knowledge and the constantly seeking new challenges.
In the way we approach our relationship to work. Everyone has full autonomy of their work schedule and is encouraged to take ownership of the tasks, and projects they work on.

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